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In addition to the considered blockades, there are other classifications of them. For example, depending on the level of impulse disturbance, there are: distal (violation occurs in the bundles of His); proximal (violation at the level of the atria); combined (multilevel violations of the conduction of impulses).

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Depending on the duration, there are such types of Depakote blocks as: acute (occurs with myocardial infarction or when taking medications); intermittent (occurs against the background of ischemia); chronic.

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The disease can be diagnosed by examining the patient and by performing an ECG. Questioning the patient involves identifying existing or previously transferred cardiopathologies, as well as the facts of recent medication that affect the heart impulse.

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Also, in some cases, daily ECG monitoring is performed to diagnose the disease. It involves not only identifying the symptoms of atrioventricular blockade, but also determining their relationship with the patient's subjective feelings, assessing the effect of Divalproex activity and medication on them.

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The tactics of treating atrioventricular blockade in more severe manifestations depends on the degree of their severity, as well as on the causes that caused them: in the case of a disease caused by drugs, the main thing is to adjust the dose of drugs or completely cancel them; in case of concomitant heart diseases, it is necessary to conduct a course of therapy with α-adrenergic stimulants; in the case of a chronic course of the disease, drugs (belloid, teopec, corinfar) are prescribed for the symptomatic treatment of atrioventricular blockade.

With concomitant congestive heart failure, diuretics, vasodilators, cardiac glycosides are used. And to reduce acute attacks, atropine or isadrin is prescribed.

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Prevention of the disease involves the regular passage of prophylactictheir examinations by a cardiologist, especially in the elderly.

If symptoms of the disease are detected, it is important to correctly carry out therapy, follow the recommendations of specialists and the necessary precautions. You should also eat right and regularly eat foods rich in potassium and magnesium.

This article is posted for educational purposes only and does not constitute scientific material or professional medical advice.

Atrioventricular blockade is a deterioration or absolute cessation of the passage of electrical impulses between the atrium and ventricle, causing serious defects in hemodynamics and in heart rhythm.